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Afterlogic WebMail Pro is now available at . If you want to use Afterlogic as your default WebMail, choose it in the Default WebMail option in Domains > Edit section of the Admin Panel, assuming that you have pointed the webmail CNAME properly.

We've prepared videos that explain how to use this powerful and fast HTML5/CSS3 based webmail, which offers, besides the usual features available in Atmail, advanced features requested by our customers, such as identities, external IMAP accounts, multiple signatures, customizable themes, desktop notifications, OpenPGP and much more.

Click on each link below, to view respective videos.

- Part 1: Logging in
- Part 2: Reading e-mails and managing folders
- Part 3: Spam reports and PolarisMail user panel access
- Part 4: Settings, signatures, identitities and external IMAP accounts
- Part 5: Managing Contacts
- Part 6: Managing Calendar
- Part 7: Managing Files
- Part 8: Other advanced features

Afterlogic WebMail does let you setup external IMAP accounts, as per part 4 of our video tutorial. It's not possible, however, to open several instances of webmail on a same browser, unless you use a workaround such as use Firefox portable to permit multiple instances or Chromium browser (Chrome variation).

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