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Set Branding

PolarisMail supports full branding of all the interfaces by altering the name and logo being displayed. Regular mail services are offered through the anonymous domain

The branding applies to the User & Admin Control Panels and to the Basic and Enhanced Webmail interfaces.

It is also possible to set a different sender for Spam reports sent by the system.

To customize it:

Company Name : Enter your company name
Company Web Link : Enter the link to your website
Support e-mail : Enter the e-mail address used as the sender for spam reports
Logos: Notice there are several logos you can customize per interface, with pre-defined sizes. You have to publish such logos to some web server via FTP and then refer to them in each respective field. For basic accounts, choose either Afterlogic or Atmail and if you also have Enhanced accounts, you might want to set your logos also for that interface.

Notice you can copy x paste the URLs in a new browser tab, to be able to save images and easily use them as a base for preparing your own logos.

After defining each logo URL, click on the Update Settings button.

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