Set Domain Spam filter preferences

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Set Domain Spam filter preferences

An administrator can set domain-wide Spam filter preferences through the Admin Control Panel. The setting would apply to all users that don't have a personal preference set. A user's preference always overrides a domain-wide preference.

The domain-wide Spam filter preferences can be found at this location:

  • Go to []
  • Log in using admin username and password.
  • Click on Filtering in the top menu bar
  • Select the Domain for which you wish to modify the settings in the drop-down list

The options are:

Accept e-mails from:

  • Everyone: This is the default option and lets all messages reach the Inbox (the default)
  • Whitelist & Address book only: This option only allows messages present in the Whitelist & Address book to reach the Inbox, the rest will be sent to your spam folder.
System default is to accept emails from everyone, moving detected spam to each user's spam folder. To disable spam folder for a user, you need to access the Filtering option in the user control panel, as noted in this FAQ and set to send Spam to inbox, which is basically the same as if you had disabled antispam for that user.
The option to accept only from white-listed senders and contacts in your address book is a nice alternate way of receiving practically no spams in your inbox, at the cost of having to check your spam folder or spam reports, from time to time.

Enable autowhitelist: All e-mails sent by e-mail accounts of your domain automatically add the recipient's address to the domain's auto-whitelist. An interesting option, but possibly dangerous if a user account is compromised, sends spams and automatically all recipients of such spams are added to the domain level auto-whitelist (accessible in Filtering > Auto-Whitelist), which would require cleaning up the auto-whitelist.

Filter sensitivity: The filtering system can be adjusted on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most restrictive while 1 is the most permissive. We find that the default setting of Normal Sensitivity is just right for most users.

Keep Spam for: How many days to keep the Spam messages in the Spam folder. Default is 7 days.

Send Spam Report: This defines how often the users will receive in their Inbox the summary of Spam messages trapped over the past few hours. Default is every 12 hours.

Spam E-mail Report Format: Lets you choose the format of the Spam Report message. Default is HTML and TEXT.

After making any changes, click on the Update Settings button.

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