Track Remote Deliveries

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Track Remote Deliveries

You can easily determine if the messages you send out reach your recipients or not. While this is no guarantee that your recipient read the message, you can at least find out if their e-mail services provider properly received the message and warn them in case of problems.

  • Go to []
  • Log in using your full e-mail address ( ) and current password.
  • Click on the Track Deliveries button

By default, after clicking on the Search button, you will see the list of e-mails that you sent during the current day and which were delivered. You need to click on the arrow next to each delivery's date/subject to view details.

You can alter your search criteria and filter out by: Temporarily Rejected Messages ( for example, user is over quota ), Permanently Rejected Messages ( invalid mailbox, blacklisted, etc. ) or All Messages. You can also specify the range of dates to search for while also specifying the e-mail address where you sent it.

Optionally, you can mark the checkbox next to Send me a monthly PDF report, to receive such reports via e-mail.

You can review Remote Delivery data for up to 60 days in the past

Here's an example of a successful delivery:

2014-10-27 15:24:35 - test
Sent From:
Sent To: ""
Recipient delivery status: Message accepted
Message delivery status: accepted message.Remote host said: 250 2.0.0 OK 1414437875 x11si18095722icx.68 - gsmtp

In this case, email was delivered to the remote server who answered with some SMTP codes initiated by the number 2, indicating that such e-mail is in the queue to be delivered to the recipient. It does not mean the recipient received or read the email, but usually that should occur, since the remote server did receive it and queued it to be delivered, unless recipient's mail server has some technical problem.

If our server is unable to connect to the recipient server, it will try to send your e-mail for 7 days, after which it will bounce back an error message indicating that the email could not be sent. In these cases, a temporary rejection error is presented, such as the example below:

From and To: may show as "null", since our server did not even connect to the recipient server
Message delivery status:Sorry, I wasn't able to establish an SMTP connection. (#4.4.1)

There isn't an always guaranteed way to know that the recipient read an e-mail. Some email clients, such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and our WebMail are able to send a delivery receipt, which can be granted if the recipient decides to do so. On the other hand, some clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook are able to send a delivery receipt, to verify if an e-mail was received by a recipient server, however, many servers don't grant such confirmation. Still, some services do offer a way to track if a user opened an email, such as the free WhoReadMe or ReadNotify (paid), sometimes criticized since they do track if an email was opened through an image/link embedded in it. Such services depend on adding their domain at the end of the recipient's e-mail address, so your e-mail passes through their server, which sends to the destination and tries to verify delivery.
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