How to avoid forged e-mails?

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One possibility is to change the folder where such e-mails are sent to. This will let you tweak the rule in an easier way. First of all, create a folder in WebMail or an e-mail client using IMAP, such as "Forged". Then, simply click on the *minus sign icon* next to the Spam folder action (shown above), click on *Deliver to folder* button and choose your "Forged" folder.

Notice that there's another rule entiled "SpamDelivery", responsible for moving spams to your spam folder and it comes before the Forged From rule. For that reason, forged e-mails detected as spam will be moved to your spam folder. If you decide to create a separate folder, such as the suggested "Forged folder", consider clicking on the *up arrow* next to the Forged From rule and moving this rule above the SpamDelivery rule. This way, all forged e-mails will be sent to your "Forged" folder, avoiding clutter in your spam folder.