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# [How to sign and cryptograph e-mails digitally in Enhanced WebMail ?|#crypt_go]
# [How to backup my email account ?|#bkp_email]
# [Do you support Apple Push Notification ?|#aptn]


Other e-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, have features or plug-ins that also allow backup of an IMAP account.


h5. Do you support Apple Push Notification {anchor}
Yes we do.Although iOS devices support the IMAP protocol for synchronizing e-mail messages, they don't support the IDLE command which is used on other platforms to provide push notifications to the device. Apple implemented another protocol called Apple Push Notification which is much less taxing on the device's battery and which also provides instantaneous notification when a new e-mail arrives. PolarisMail fully supports the Apple Push Notification protocol out of the box, without any configuration being required on your device. It will automatically detect our capability and use it.